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February 27, 2016

Trevor Wye’s “Flexibility I” flute exercise

One of my favorite flute warmups is "Flexibility–I (after Sousseman)" from Trevor Wye's Tone book. This exercise is value-packed and meticulously thought out, and leads inevitably to some fundamental truths about flute playing.

April 17, 2010

Vadala doubling book review

I spotted this new review of Chris Vadala’s Improve Your Doubling: Advanced Studies for Doublers on Featured Book: Improve Your Doubling: Advanced Studies for Doublers I reviewed the book myself a couple of years back. The review is by Peter Westbrook. He gives some nice perspective on woodwind doubling: The practice grew out ...

September 8, 2009

Quick tip: learn tenor clef

If you’re going to be serious about playing the bassoon, reading tenor clef is a requirement. If you’re unfamiliar with it, click through to Mike Spark’s website for a quick primer. If you could use a little practice reading the notes, try’s C-clef trainer. Click on “Settings…,” choose “Tenor clef,” and click “OK,” then ...

December 4, 2008

Recommended: Jeanjean “Vade-Mecum” du Clarinettiste

Lately I’ve been doing some clarinet work out of the Jeanjean Vade-Mecum. The title page translates charmingly to: “Vade-Mecum” of the Clarinet-player 6 SPECIAL STUDIES to render the fingers and tongue rapidly supple But this is what really sold me: NOTICE The aim of these 6 standard-studies (combining the essential parts generally contained in several ...

September 17, 2008

Review: Improve Your Doubling, by Chris Vadala

I only know of one etude book geared toward woodwind doublers, and it’s Chris Vadala’s Improve Your Doubling: Advanced Studies for Doublers (Dorn Publications, 1991). Mr. Vadala is on my list of “notable woodwind doublers,” and certainly he is an outstanding player on single reeds and flute, but I think what makes him really notable ...

September 6, 2008

Learning to play a woodwind: is previous woodwind experience a disadvantage?

I teach a woodwind methods class as part of my graduate assistantship (and was the teaching assistant in the class for several years before teaching it on my own). In this class music education students get a crash course in playing and teaching the woodwind instruments, in preparation (too little!—but that’s another blog post) for ...

July 29, 2008

Abe Weiss on practicing

I mentioned in a post yesterday how impressed I was by Abe Weiss‘s presentation at the IDRS conference. Mr. Weiss is principal bassoonist of the Rochester Philharmonic. Here are a few points from his talk that stood out to me.
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