Posts for June 2012

June 30, 2012

Play reeds that fit

During a rare visit to a music store this week, I overheard a very young clarinetist asking a salesperson to help him locate some unusually stiff reeds. The salesperson was as surprised as was I that the young man was interested in such an extreme equipment choice—but apparently for different reasons. “You must be very talented ...

June 17, 2012

Woodwind doubling and “similar” fingerings

Some of the questions I am most frequently asked about woodwind doubling involve the similarities in fingerings between the instruments: “You play all those instruments? Well, I guess the fingerings must be pretty much the same, right?” “I play the oboe, and I would like to learn the saxophone. How close are the fingerings?” There ...

June 16, 2012

Report: John Mack Oboe Camp, 2012

You know you are at oboe camp when the rules include “no crowing reeds before 7:30 a.m.” I’m back from the John Mack Oboe Camp, held every June at the Wildacres Retreat in the mountains of North Carolina. The camp has been an institution for over 30 years, and has been carried on by Mr. Mack’s ...

June 3, 2012

Internet forum field guide: conflict resolution

Welcome to the second installment of the Internet forum field guide, a look at the inhabitants of the various woodwind-related message boards, forums, and email lists. (Read the first chapter here.) Today we will examine how the indigenous wildlife deal with conflicts. One of the most common sources of conflict is the introduction of a ...
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