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September 19, 2014

Internet forum field guide: the all-too-frequently asked questions

Welcome to the third installment of the Internet Forum Field Guide, a look at the wildlife that inhabits woodwind-related online message boards and forums. (Be sure to check out the first and second episodes as well.) Today we look at common questions that are asked on the message boards. The diverse and varied answers as ...

June 3, 2012

Internet forum field guide: conflict resolution

Welcome to the second installment of the Internet forum field guide, a look at the inhabitants of the various woodwind-related message boards, forums, and email lists. (Read the first chapter here.) Today we will examine how the indigenous wildlife deal with conflicts. One of the most common sources of conflict is the introduction of a ...

February 1, 2012

Internet forum field guide: gear recommendations

If you frequent any of the various woodwind-related Internet message boards, forums, or listservs, you have undoubtedly encountered some of the wildlife I will describe here. Remember that they can be dangerous creatures, and that it is often best not to attempt interaction with them. One of the most common animal behaviors witnessed on the ...
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