Trade in your old reeds for new Ricos, part II

In March I blogged about this promotion from Rico reeds. I’m pleased to report that, after sending this motley crew of rejects off to Rico…


…I got these in the mail, at absolutely no charge.


I got my choice from among what I believe were all their current clarinet and saxophone reed offerings. I picked out the Rico Jazz Select “filed” tenor saxophone reeds. They sent me two boxes, since those come in boxes of five rather than ten. I look forward to giving the reeds a try and seeing how they compare to my current reeds of choice.

I hope this promotion works out well for Rico. The obvious problem with trying to sell people reeds is that nobody wants to gamble $30+ on a box of reeds that may not be a good match. Because I got these free samples, I’ll definitely try some reeds that otherwise I probably never would have bought. If I like them better than what I’ve got now, I’ll switch. If so, I’ve got better reeds and they’ve got a new customer.

I’ve gotten a free reed or two from reed companies’ vendor tables at conferences and such. I’m always willing to try those, too, but of course one or two reeds aren’t enough to make a good evaluation. A box of ten (or two boxes of five) is a good start.

Cheers to Rico for a nice promotion.

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