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  • Oboist on the Supreme Court? part III

    Well, it looks like we’re going to have to wait a while longer for a woodwind player on the US’s highest court. Oboist Diane Wood, previously a candidate for the Supreme Court vacancy, has been passed over in favor of newly-confirmed Elena Kagan. I’m sure that, despite her presumably total inability to play the oboe, …

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  • Oboist on the Supreme Court? part II

    I posted last week about Diane Wood, the federal judge and oboist who is a candidate to fill a soon-to-be vacant seat on the US Supreme Court. (Unsurprisingly, Patty Mitchell, prolific blogger and online curator of all things oboe-related, also picked up the story.) Yesterday the LA Times ran an op-ed by Meghan Daum, herself …

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  • Oboist on the Supreme Court?

    Federal judge and oboist Diane Wood is reportedly under consideration to fill a Supreme Court vacancy. Wood has demonstrated a willingness to challenge her fellow jurists without offending, say lawyers and clerks who have observed her in court. Those attributes may be an asset as President Barack Obama considers her to replace retiring Justice John …

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