Fingering Diagram Builder, version 0.82

Here’s a new minor release of the Fingering Diagram Builder with a few small improvements:

  • Bug fixes and other minor tweaks
  • The French bassoon diagram now supports the Ducasse bassoon. Set “Instrument” to “Bassoon (French)” and “Key set” to “Ducasse.” Thanks to Daryn Zubke for assistance with this.

Recital videos, August 2020

I’m pleased to share videos from my recent Delta State University faculty recital. I performed for a very small in-person audience due to COVID-19 precautions. All the repertoire is unaccompanied. The program begins with multiple-woodwinds repertoire by Samuel Adler, Kyle Tieman-Strauss, and Nicole Chamberlain (a world premiere of a commissioned piece), followed by some odds … Read more

Update: COVID-19 wind playing resources

In a recent blog post I offered a few personal thoughts on wind playing and the COVID-19 crisis, and began listing some articles and resources related to the topic. I have now moved those to a separate and freshly-updated page. If you are aware of other resources, feel free to bring them to my attention … Read more

Announcing the Note Image Generator

The Note Image Generator, version 0.1, is a tool for quickly generating batches of images of single notes on staves, like this: It might be useful to users of my Fingering Diagram Builder, who want note images to combine with fingering diagram images when making fingering charts, but there are lots of potential uses for … Read more

Fingering Diagram Builder, version 0.81

Here’s a new minor release of the Fingering Diagram Builder with a few small improvements: Bug fixes and minor behavior improvements New bassoon keys: High F (plus offset high E and E-flat), alternate low C, alternate low C-sharp. This should cover everything Fox currently lists as bassoon keywork options. (Thanks to Trent for the feedback.) … Read more

Updated: Music for woodwind doublers

As of February 2020, I’ve made some substantial updates to my catalog of music written for players of multiple woodwind instruments: Music for woodwind doublers There are a few pieces I have listed as currently being researched, mostly cases where I am awaiting responses from composers. And I now have a special section for pieces … Read more

Recital videos, August 2019

Here are videos from my recent faculty recital at Delta State University. I performed the Saint-Saëns oboe, bassoon, and clarinet sonatas, plus the flute Romance and “The Swan” from The Carnival of the Animals as a baritone saxophone transcription. “The Swan” is originally for cello, so I assumed it might work well as a baritone … Read more

Using the Fingering Diagram Builder’s advanced keywork controls

The most recent release of the Fingering Diagram Builder introduces some “shortcut” controls that make it easy to turn certain keys on and off. For example, with a quick check/un-check of a box you can turn on clarinet half-holes or some non-standard keys. Or, as always, there’s a dropdown list of “key sets” (which I … Read more

Fingering Diagram Builder, version 0.8

I’m pleased to announce a new release of the Fingering Diagram Builder. One thing I wanted to do in this release is give something back to the very generous and sexy people who have been kind enough to use the PayPal donation link to show their support over the years, so I’ve added some special … Read more

Discount on book and new t-shirts

I’ll keep this short: there are new t-shirts available, and everything in the store (shirts and the PDF of my book, Woodwind Basics) is priced at 1/3 off through Christmas Eve 2018 if you use coupon code reeds2018. Your purchases help pay for hosting and other site costs, and otherwise support what I’m doing … Read more