Posts for February 2013

February 25, 2013

Crossing the break on the clarinet is easy

The following is a comprehensive list of what clarinetists need to do to successfully Cross the Dreaded Break: Put the correct fingers in the correct places at the correct time. That is all. I frequently meet young clarinetists who have been taught that a successful Crossing of the Dreaded Break requires many other things, including ...

February 14, 2013

It’s not too soon

Frequently I think about something one of my teachers said to me as an undergraduate student. I was preparing for a rapidly upcoming recital, and played one of my repertoire pieces in a private lesson. There was a tricky page turn in the printed sheet music, and my run-through came to a halt while I ...

February 7, 2013

Random Note Picker, version 0.2

A little over a year ago I made the Random Note Picker, a small web app for generating groups of random pitches. I mostly use it to quiz students on their scales. It otherwise hasn’t gotten much use, but if anyone is interested there is now a slightly improved version. Check it out.

February 6, 2013

Yet more woodwind blogs you should be reading

I insist that you check out the following woodwind-related blogs, listed in no particular order. Also see my previous roundups: A few woodwind blogs you should be reading A few more woodwind blogs you should be reading Still more woodwind blogs you should be reading David A. Wells David Wells is a bassoonist, educator, and ...
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