Random Note Picker, version 0.3

The Random Note Picker web app got a facelift and a few new features. I use this mostly for quizzing my students on their scales.

Two features added by popular request: a timer function, so you can generate new groups of random notes every few seconds hands-free, and (optional) double-flats/double-sharps.

Check it out, and send me your bug reports, feature requests, or other thoughts and comments.

Random Note Picker, version 0.2

A little over a year ago I made the Random Note Picker, a small web app for generating groups of random pitches. I mostly use it to quiz students on their scales. It otherwise hasn’t gotten much use, but if anyone is interested there is now a slightly improved version. Check it out.
Random Note Picker, version 0.2

Introducing the Random note picker

Here’s a little web app that I put together for quizzing my university students on their scales. (The music majors all have to pass a scale exam, playing randomly-selected major and minor scales.) I hope it’s useful to somebody out there:

  • Quiz students (or yourself) on scales, arpeggios, fingerings, key signatures, ii-V7-I patterns, chord voicings, or whatever. Click “Show options” to pick which notes you want to include.
  • Set “How many?” to 12, and generate 12-tone rows.
  • Set “How many?” to three or four, and generate chromatic or diatonic motives for inspiration for your compositions or improvisation practice.
  • Or whatever.

As always, feel free to contact me with bug reports, feature requests, or mockery of my humble coding skills.