Posts for November 2012

November 30, 2012

Changing octaves on the flute: a survey of published opinions

On the flute, there are several notes that have identical fingerings: each note from bottom-line E through third-space C-sharp has exactly the same fingering as the note an octave higher. Obviously, some factor other than fingerings must account for the octaves, but flutists as a group seem to be unclear on what it is. I ...

November 26, 2012

Best practices for accidentals in online music writing, and introducing jQuery Accidentals

In an ideal world, you see five musical symbols here: flat natural sharp double-flat double-sharp ♭ ♮ ♯ But, depending on the device you are using to read this, you may notice one of these problems: None of the symbols show up properly: they are either missing or replaced with squares, diamonds, question marks, or ...

November 14, 2012

Why do some instruments transpose?

I find it difficult to explain to the uninitiated the concept of “transposing” instruments. The what is confusing. The why is worse. To get the what across, I usually have to resort to an example: “Okay, so it works like this. If I am playing an alto saxophone, and I see an F-sharp on the page, ...

November 5, 2012

Why college music education majors need applied study

Most of my university students are music education majors, with plans to become public school band directors. Their academic schedules are absolutely packed full with core music theory and musicology classes, keyboard proficiency, teaching methods, ensembles, and of course general education requirements. There isn’t room for anything extra. And yet they are required to take ...
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