Posts for August 2011

August 23, 2011

Required recordings, fall 2011

The fall semester has begun, so it’s time for my students to buy their required recordings for the semester. This semester I wanted to address a few glaring gaps in the library my students have built so far: The oboists don’t have anything Baroque yet. The clarinetists don’t have anything by Weber yet. The bassoonists ...

August 23, 2011

Faculty woodwinds recital, Aug. 30, 2011

Bret Pimentel, woodwinds Kumiko Shimizu, piano Faculty Recital Delta State University Department of Music Recital Hall, Bologna Performing Arts Center Tuesday, August 30, 2011 7:30 PM Program Divertissement for multiple woodwinds and piano Sy Brandon (b. 1945) World premiere Intrada Nocturne Valse Marche Romanza Galop Caprice en forme de valse for alto saxophone Paul Bonneau ...

August 17, 2011

NFA 2011: Woodwind doublers roundtable discussion

At this year’s NFA conference, I had the very cool opportunity to be part of a discussion panel about woodwind doubling. The panel was organized by Florida flutist and doubler Tereasa Payne, and moderated by my Delta State colleague Shelley Collins. The panel consisted of me, Tereasa, Hollywood studio great Jim Walker, and David Weiss, ...

August 14, 2011

Report: National Flute Association Convention 2011

This year was my first time attending the National Flute Association‘s annual convention, held this year in Charlotte, North Carolina. I’ve been to conferences of all the other major woodwind organizations in the US (IDRS, ICA, NASA), and here are some things that I think the NFA did exceptionally well: Organization and planning. From what ...

August 7, 2011

Do it yourself: replace saxophone palm key pads

If you’re interested in learning to do some pad replacements on your instrument(s), saxophone left-hand palm keys are a good place to start. Here’s why: The palm keys don’t have any dependencies—they don’t move any other keys and aren’t moved by any other keys. So replacing a palm key pad won’t set off a chain ...
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