Required recordings, fall 2011

The fall semester has begun, so it’s time for my students to buy their required recordings for the semester. This semester I wanted to address a few glaring gaps in the library my students have built so far:

  • The oboists don’t have anything Baroque yet.
  • The clarinetists don’t have anything by Weber yet.
  • The bassoonists don’t have the Mozart concerto yet.
  • The saxophonists don’t have the Glazunov concerto yet.

I think I found some great recordings to fill those voids. As a diversity bonus, three of the four are talented women, and one of those is a native Israeli.

Here are the selections:

Ray Still: A Chicago Legend: Baroque Oboe Sonatas

Find it on: Amazon | iTunes

Repertoire: Bach Sonata in G minor, Handel Sonatas nos. 1 and 2, Telemann Partitas 2, 5, and 6, Vivaldi Sonata no. 6

Sharon Kam: Works for Clarinet and Orchestra

Find it on: Amazon | iTunes

Repertoire: Mendelssohn Konzerstücke, Spohr Concerto No. 4, Rossini Introduction, Theme, and Variations, Weber Concertino

Kim Walker: Mozart/Hummel/Wolf-Ferrari

Find it on: Amazon | iTunes

Repertoire: Mozart Concerto, Hummel Concerto, Wolf-ferrari Concerto

Debra Richtmeyer: Extravaganza for Saxophone and Orchestra

Find it on: Amazon | iTunes

Repertoire: Glazunov Concerto, Strauss Oboe Concerto, Ott Concerto, Rachmaninoff Vocalise


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  1. Cooper Wright Avatar
    Cooper Wright

    I find the Alex Klein Telemann Fantasies and Bach arrangements really inspiring. Of course there’s all of the Holliger Phillips recordings as well of Telemann, Albinoni, Bach, and Vivaldi concertos. Those are really quite wonderful CD’s and give fantastic insight.

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