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  • What I listen for in scholarship auditions

    What I listen for in scholarship auditions

    It’s scholarship audition season again, which means I get to meet and listen to some very nervous high school seniors (and community college sophomores). My university is a small regional one, so our audition process probably isn’t as intense as some of the big name-brand music schools. If you’re preparing for an audition, you should definitely …

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  • Student auditions

    I hear auditions on a pretty frequent basis: my college students audition for placement in university ensembles, prospective students audition for admissions and scholarships, high school musicians audition for the honor band the university hosts. It is pretty routine for me, but clearly sometimes extremely stressful for them. I thought it might be helpful to …

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  • Auditioning for a multiple woodwinds degree program

    I had an exchange by email with someone today, that I thought might be of use to all you hordes of prospective multiple woodwinds majors out there. Hi Mr. Pimentel, My name is Mike ________ from _______ University, and I am an aspiring doubler. I have been doing some looking around at graduate schools and …

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