Spelling test for woodwind players and teachers

If you’re a player or teacher of woodwinds, you need to be able to communicate clearly about woodwind playing. I’ve compiled a few of the most frequently-misspelled woodwind-related words from assignments and tests in my various classes. Check it out and see how you do:

Take the spelling test

10 thoughts on “Spelling test for woodwind players and teachers”

  1. 100%, but I teach WW methods, so I should get all of them correct. Makes me realize I should probably give a small spelling test while the semester is still early.

  2. 100%, and I’m Dutch. ;-)
    Do you keep stats on the most often misspelled words from your test? [My money is on “tounge” BTW…]

    • Well done!

      No, not keeping any records of people’s misspellings—just counting on them to report their scores honestly. So far everyone who has responded seems to have done well, and I’m not expecting many people with low scores to brag about it.

  3. Another 100% here too. (I’d have to hang my head in shame if I didn’t huh?) ;)

    Interesting feature on the blog Bret. Well done. I like it. You’ve added some really interesting plugins, etc to your site.

    Take good care. “See you” around here, or on the WF, or on my site…hk

  4. You know…I’ve had many a teacher spell “SaxAphone” on programs. Usually chorus teachers that had me play on their programs! And my students who spell “cHello”. I love that one lol

  5. 100%, and I’m sure I was in the guilty party of “mis-spellers” in class. But that just means I did learn something in WW methods. Site looks great doc.


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