A farewell to woodwind playing

Well, it has been a great ride studying, teaching, and performing on the instruments of the woodwind family. Thanks everyone for your support here at bretpimentel.com.

I’ll leave this website up for now, but I hope you will all check out my new project:

Bret Pimentel, brass


  1. Boyd

    Just gotta ask… Whose trombone? And you look like a natural with if, I might add.


  2. David Erato

    Nice. Though I am surprised this (http://youtu.be/Tg4u7ko333U) wasn’t involved in your newest project. Good luck!

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  3. Sarah Dale

    I have to admit. You totally got me with this for a few seconds. I didn’t even realize that April Fools had come and gone.

    Good work! ;o)


  4. Ron Nelson

    I was shocked, frightened, all of the above. AND…then I realized that your sense of humor almost got me.


  5. Gandalfe

    I’m so gonna nab this idea for next April Fools! BTW, it works even better two weeks later! ;O)

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