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April 1, 2011

A farewell to woodwind playing

Well, it has been a great ride studying, teaching, and performing on the instruments of the woodwind family. Thanks everyone for your support here at I’ll leave this website up for now, but I hope you will all check out my new project: Bret Pimentel, brass

December 23, 2009

David Summer: Flute/trumpet doubling

I enjoyed reading some interesting thoughts from multi-instrumentalist and music educator David Summer, who doubles quite effectively on flute and trumpet (and a few other instruments). I’m quoting a few highlights below, but definitely read the whole thing here. I have seen no ill effects on either the trumpet embouchure or flute embouchure from playing both the ...

April 30, 2009

More on brass doubling

Prior post: Brass doubling? Boston Symphony Orchestra bass trombonist Douglas Yeo has a page on his website with doubling tips. In addition to bass trombone, he plays bass trumpet and serpent. Not tenor trombone. I don’t knock anyone for finding their niche. And Mr. Yeo is clearly a very accomplished musician—listen to some of his ...

September 21, 2008

Brass doubling?

I have now successfully completed both my written and oral comprehensive exams, and am one large step closer to finishing a doctorate in multiple woodwinds performance. In the oral exam, one of my professors asked why woodwind doubling is a well-recognized musical specialty, but doubling on brass instruments is not.  The question was an odd ...
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