Posts for November 2018

November 30, 2018

Favorite blog posts, November 2018

Hand-picked high-quality woodwind-related blog posts from around the web, November 2018 edition.

November 23, 2018

How to get 10 good reeds from a box

If you are getting less than 80% playable reeds from the boxes you are currently buying, buy different ones.

November 22, 2018

Discount on book and new t-shirts

I’ll keep this short: there are new t-shirts available, and everything in the store (shirts and the PDF of my book, Woodwind Basics) is priced at 1/3 off through Christmas Eve 2018 if you use coupon code reeds2018. Your purchases help pay for hosting and other site costs, and otherwise support what I’m doing ...

November 15, 2018

Planning breaths

When learning a new étude or repertoire piece, it’s common to practice at first with focus on the notes, often playing them at a slow tempo and/or divided into chunks. This is a good approach for mastering the needed finger technique, but it may neglect one of the crucial parts of a performance: breathing. In ...

November 7, 2018

Using sticky notes to focus my performance thinking

I might put in weeks or months preparing for a high-pressure performance. But all of that can fall apart pretty quickly if my head isn't in the right place.
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