Posts for June 2017

June 30, 2017

Favorite blog posts, June 2017

Hand-picked high-quality woodwind-related blog posts from around the web, June 2017 edition.

June 29, 2017

Random Note Picker, version 0.3

The Random Note Picker web app got a facelift and a few new features. I use this mostly for quizzing my students on their scales. Two features added by popular request: a timer function, so you can generate new groups of random notes every few seconds hands-free, and (optional) double-flats/double-sharps. Check it out, and send ...

June 12, 2017

Woodwind doubling on both oboe and bassoon

Mid- to late-20th-century music written for woodwind doublers, such as musical theater “books,” largely solidified around three main types of doubling specialists. The most common of these is the clarinet/saxophone/flute player. Less common but still widely used are the oboist with passable single reed skills, and the “low reeds” bassoon/bass clarinet/baritone saxophone player. In the ...

June 7, 2017

How are you going to improve this?

Practicing without a plan rarely produces the desired results.
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