200+ woodwind doublers’ websites

I just finished updating my list of woodwind doublers on the web, which as of right now lists just over 200 valid websites (201, to be precise).

I am happy to include on the list woodwind doublers of any skill level, as long as their website gives some indication of their inclination toward multiple woodwind instruments.

Check out the list, and click the email link if you want your site included or know of one I’ve missed.


  1. Sarah

    That’s amazing!!! Woodwind Doublers Unite!

    For now I seem to be in great company. Paquito is directly above me in the list and Eddie Daniels is below. LOL


  2. Bret Pimentel (Your host)

    Yeah, no kidding. I get to hang out near folks like Ray Pizzi, Charles Pillow, and Tim Price.


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