YouTubeage: Cool EWI videos

Some of my favorite EWI videos. Enjoy!

Jeff Kashiwa explains and demonstrates the Akai EWI4000s to an appreciative audience. A little loopstation fun, with some Telemann and then a smooth-jazz tune.

EWI specialist Bernie Kenerson does cool stuff with an EWI hooked up to a vocoder.

Japanese woodwind player Masato Honda.

British saxophonist and EWI player Alistair Parnell provides some nice instructional videos. I found this one particularly useful, but you really should check out the whole series.

“Wergythu,” aka Seth Block, takes it easy on the couch with his EWI and a looper. (This video doesn’t allow embedding, so you’ll have to click through to YouTube to watch.)

And of course we have to finish with Michael Brecker, who, unsurprisingly, does some mind-blowing stuff and makes it look easy. Trust me, you need to watch this one beginning to end.


  1. Doron Orenstein

    Awesome series of videos! I have an old WX7 which I had more time to mess with.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Recent blog post: Sax Mic Positioning for Home Recording (October 13, 2010)


  2. Holger Pandel

    It’s really an amazing series of videos. I’m just a beginner on the EWI and I really love what you can do with it.

    BTW, does anybody know, which sound Jeff is using for his funky looping part in the first video? It might be a patchman sound or something like that. I’d really like to know how to build this sound, it is absolutely awesome!

    And many thanks for the video list ;-)


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