Joe the Musician: the first rule of woodwind doubling

I’m not much of a tweeter (though you can follow my automatically-generated tweets about new blog posts). But I liked this one today from Joseph “Joe the Musician” Tomasso:

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  1. Doron Orenstein

    Hello there Bret,

    Love your website!

    I am doing a bit of research to see if I can learn more about the few sax players out there who have managed to earn a full time living playing sax who *don’t* double.

    Do you know of anyone who matches that description?



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    • Bret Pimentel (Your host)

      Hi Doron,

      Doublers have more fun, but I suppose there are a few people out there who are forced to make their living with just one instrument. You might try my list of saxophonists’ websites as a starting point.


  2. Doron Orenstein

    Haha, yeah, it is fun to play flute, although clarinet isn’t really a favorite of mine. Anyhow, thanks for the list will check it out asap.


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