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  • A few woodwind blogs you should be reading

    If you’re a woodwind player and avid blog reader, you’re likely already following some prominent and popular bloggers like oboist Patty Mitchell (oboeinsight), flutist Jennifer Cluff, and clarinetists David Thomas (The Buzzing Reed) and Marion Harrington. I read and enjoy all of these, but I would also like to suggest a few others that are particular favorites …

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  • Vinny Golia review

    Clarinetist David Thomas quoted from the article below on his excellent blog The Buzzing Reed earlier today, and I thought it was worth passing along. There is some fun description of amazing woodwind doubler Vinny Golia doing his thing. Spring Reverb: Golia/Turetzy; Dana Reason Trio by Christian Hertzog, sandiego.com The first set was devoted to …

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