“Piccolo Phil” on doubling

“Piccolo Phil” over at The Balanced Flutist discusses the benefits and challenges of woodwind doubling in preparation for an upcoming gig. Benefits:

I actually don’t mind doubling that much, it can be a nice change of pace, plus, show tunes are just so much fun! It’s been great exploring these instruments again, especially since I’ve been really aiming to build a foundation on both instruments, not just patch the holes just enough that I can survive the gig.

Challenges: Endurance, jazz style, obtaining necessary instruments and accessories, and, of course, reeds:

As flutists, we’re super-spoiled. We buy our instrument, a nice headjoint, and we’re done. Not so with reeded instruments – reeds suck.

Read the whole post over at Phil’s blog.


  1. Piccolo Phil

    Thanks for the plug, Bret! Keep up the great posts!

    Recent blog post: Opening Night! (November 23, 2012)


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