Handout: woodwind voicing

I have written about voicing here before. I find it to be one of the most neglected topics in woodwind teaching, and when it is taught, is is often taught without a lot of clarity. This is a shame because voicing is crucial to good tone production, affecting response, tone, and intonation.

Here is a handout from a recent workshop. I don’t think there is much here that I haven’t covered on the blog already, but it’s a good overview in a tidy package.

Voicing and the woodwinds (PDF)


  1. Matthew Taylor

    Excellent handout thanks very much for your time making this.


  2. Diana Haskell

    Concisely written and easily understood. Important topic, thank you.


  3. Luke Mankovich

    Very nice handout. Are the mouthpiece pitches notated in concert pitch or transposed pitch? Thanks for the excellent resource.


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