Dan Willis in the West Side Story pit

Tip of the hat to Patty at oboeinsight for this one:

EDIT: I originally had an embedded video here, of a CBS news interview with Broadway woodwind doubler Dan Willis. It appears the video is no longer available. You can read a text summary here, at least for the time being. Below is a picture I stole from their website.

Dan Willis

It appears Mr. Willis is playing reed 3.


  1. Ron Nelson

    Thanks for putting this up on your site. And thanks to CBS for giving credit to my heroes of the NY music scene, those ladies and gentlemen who play 2,3 or as with Dan Willis, 8 different woodwinds in the Broadway pits.


  2. Bret Pimentel (Your host)

    I wonder how many in the audience are even aware that there is a live orchestra, much less how skilled they are and how highly-regarded they are among other musicians.


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