Posts for February 2015

February 25, 2015

Fingering Diagram Builder, version 0.6

I have just released version 0.6 of the Fingering Diagram Builder. It’s almost a maintenance release, that mostly just attempts to fix a few problems and add a little polish. Your suggestions and bug reports are, as always, welcome (as are your donations, social media pings, links, etc.). Go play around with it or read ...

February 17, 2015

Making sense of third-octave flute fingerings

I recall as a beginning flutist (coming from background in saxophone) finding the third-octave fingerings to be a confusing, illogical jumble, but they do actually make some sense. There is an incorrect explanation for these fingerings that I hear every so often, and have seen published on a couple of flute-related blogs recently. It goes ...

February 11, 2015

Voicing: stable vs. flexible

There seems to be some debate about voicing: is it something static, or something that changes from note to note? I find that the answer is, sort of, both.
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