New endorsement deal

I am pleased to announce that, after several weeks of exciting and productive talks, I have signed on for an endorsement and development deal with an up-and-coming reed manufacturer. Here’s the official press release:


April 1, 2010

Bret Pimentel Signs On As First FLAVOREEDS™ Artist

FORT WAYNE, Indiana.—FLAVOREEDS™ Flavored Clarinet and Saxophone Reeds, Inc., is pleased to announce the first in what it hopes will be a series of “fruit”ful relationships with professional woodwind players in developing and promoting its new professional line of premium cane instrument reeds.

The first FLAVOREEDS™ Artist to join the roster is multiple woodwind performer and educator Bret Pimentel. Dr. Pimentel has performed with such acts as Dave Brubeck, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, and the O’Jays, and is currently Assistant Professor of Music at Delta State University. He is an experienced performer on all the major woodwind instruments, and expects to bring this expertise to bear in consulting on new and current product lines.

“As soon as I made a verbal commitment to the company, I forwarded them some thoughts about their new Papaya-Mango Bass Saxophone Reeds™,” Pimentel said in a telephone interview. “I found them to be a little overpowering in the papaya department, with not enough mango. I’m working closely with FLAVOREEDS™ to better balance the flavors.”

FLAVOREEDS™ Flavored Clarinet and Saxophone Reeds, Inc., spokesman Morris Tromper echoed Pimentel’s excitement.

“We couldn’t be more thrilled to have Mr. Pimentel on the team,” Tromper reported. “A lot of people see fruit-flavored reeds as a gimmick for kids. And while the beginning band market has been very good to us, we felt it was time to appeal to adult instrumentalists who want a little more ‘flavor’ in their playing. Mr. Pimentel has the woodwind skills and the grown-up palate to help make that a reality.”

In addition to consulting on existing products, Pimentel is in the process of approving prototypes for his own Artist Series FLAVOREED™. “Each Artist Series™ reed will reflect the musical demands of the individual FLAVOREEDS™ Artist, as well as the distinctive flavors of their favorite dishes and recipes,” Tromper said.

An initial brainstorming session with Pimentel reportedly led to a wide variety of prototypes. “At first I was going with all fruits,” said Pimentel, “but they said to come up with as many ideas as possible, no matter how strange.” This led to preliminary taste tests, which included flavors like Turkey Gravy, Ritz and Cheddar, and Tilapia. “They were surprisingly good,” said Pimentel, “but then I tried the strangest one of all, and immediately fell in love with it.” Pimentel’s final Artist Series™ reed flavor is being kept a closely-guarded secret until product launch next month, but Tromper confirmed that the reeds will be available for soprano, alto, and tenor saxophones, as well as clarinet and bass clarinet, with Artist Series™ oboe and bassoon reeds remaining a future possibility.

For up-to-the-minute availability information on the Bret Pimentel Artist Series FLAVOREED™, click here.


3 responses to “New endorsement deal”

  1. Geoff Allen Avatar
    Geoff Allen

    Nice. They’re a sponsor of the Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival. Never tried them, though.

    (And I’m asuming the date of this announcement is significant. :-) )

  2. Geoff Allen Avatar
    Geoff Allen

    Agh… I just went to the link in your comment. As I suspected. ;-)

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