IDRS 2008: Confirmed doubler sightings

I don’t usually think of the double reed crowd as being terribly interested in woodwind doubling, but there were a number of doublers (ranging from amateur to professional) present at the IDRS conference this year. I know of these ones:

  • Me
  • Doug Owens, my fellow UGA doctoral student, soon to be starting a faculty position in saxophone and double reeds at Fort Lewis College.
  • Daron Bradford, a former teacher of mine and an active doubler in the Salt Lake City area. He played clarinet in the conference festival orchestra.
  • Phil Feather (scroll down), active on the Los Angeles scene.
  • Terry Halvorson, a contributor to my Broadway doubling list.
  • Kirt Saville, until recently director of bands in the Washburn University music department, just got a new job in the band department at Brigham Young University
  • Kevin Fullmer, a new acquaintance of mine
  • As far as I know, Broadway pit orchestra mainstay Marvin Roth was not in attendance, but Peter Simpson and Christine Carucci did a recital of his charming bassoon duets
  • Stephanie Caulder of Indiana University of Pennsylvania


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  1. Bret Pimentel Avatar
    Bret Pimentel

    Add to the list: Christopher Broderson

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