Ernie Watts on not doubling

Check out this blog post by Helen over at the Bassic Sax blog for some thoughts from saxophone great Ernie Watts about the downside of doubling.

At some point, you end up in a mush of mediocrity.

Go read it


  1. Dave Erato

    I like Ernie and all, but maybe him and Dan Higgins (or anybody else on LA’s first call list) never quite crossed paths.


  2. Jonathan

    Pronounced as ‘saxOFFanist’ – that was a chuckle. Better than sexophone or sexoffanist, I suppose.


  3. Ray Pizzi

    OK….that works for Ernie Watts……However…..Throughout my career….Doubling has created many amazing musical and creative opportunities for me….My advice is….
    Follow Your Dream and play your L-o-n-g Tones. Ray Pizzi


    • Ronnal Ford

      Totally agree Ray! If you don’t like it, don’t do it! There are plenty of other people that would jump at the chance to play whatever instruments they are asked to play. And I’m one of them!!! I also don’t think that working on my other instruments have harmed my oboe playing at all. I played more oboe now (and better) that I’ve been doubling a lot more, in and outside of school. But, to each his own.


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