Videos: John Miller, Broadway music contractor

I’ve been really enjoying these videos of John Miller. Mr. Miller (not to be confused with the eminent bassoonist) does much of the contracting of the musicians who play in Broadway shows. In these videos, he is addressing a group of his fellow bass players, but everything he has to say is highly applicable to woodwind players and anyone else who wants to make money playing their instrument(s).

John Miller
John Miller, bassist and NYC contractor

He talks about what kind of musicians he likes to hire, what is expected of a professional musician on the New York City scene, and lots more.

I thought the last three videos were especially relevant to doublers, as Mr. Miller and a friend talk about the benefits and pitfalls of doubling professionally on string bass and electric bass.

Inspiring stuff, that may make you ask yourself a few hard questions about your readiness to take on the high-profile gigs.


  1. Sandra (Luebbe) Avila

    Fascinating guy- by any chance did Mr. Miller teach music in Inglewood,CA in the 60’s?

    Best wishes,


  2. Tora yi

    John plays in my restaurant sometimes with murry weinstock past about one year.
    I don’t pay him but he plays for us beautiful music.Such a high profile figure come this small sushi place.So humble man he is.Thank god he likes my food!!! I wish more people enjoy him.


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