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  • The Double Reed Archive of the International Double Reed Society’s journal, 1978-present. Issues within the last year are available to IDRS members only.
  • To the World’s Oboists Archive of the IDRS oboe publication, 1972-1977.
  • MKL Reeds. Articles on the oboe and especially oboe reeds.
  • Oboe Sound Gallery Sound clips of prominent oboists from around the world, playing solo repertoire and orchestral excerpts.
  • ASU Oboe Homepage by Prof. Martin Schuring. Practical, informative articles for the oboist. Also my favorite reed adjustment guide on the web.
  • Oboe Webpage by Dr. Sarah Hamilton. Syllabi for college-level oboe study, and useful articles on reeds, instrument maintenance, and other pedagogical topics.
  • Syllabus for Applied Oboe by Dr. Stephen Caplan. Scales, etudes, solos, and recommended reading for the college oboist.
  • Making Oboe Reeds by Joseph Shalita. Useful information on the website, and you can get the first chapter of Mr. Shalita’s reedmaking book for free. Also a reedmaking forum!
  • Tips for Oboe by Dr. John W. Goodall. Note that Dr. Goodall is a doubler—professor of oboe and saxophone.
  • Making Oboe Reeds by George Yefchak. A useful overview, with photos.