Don’t-miss woodwind lessons on YouTube

It’s hard to argue with free lessons from some of the finest players around. Here’s some of my favorite woodwind YouTubeage:

Tom Ridenour’s clarinet videos

Tom Ridenour is, if you ask me, an honest-to-goodness genius: a master teacher, a clarinet maker and mouthpiece maker, an author, and an inventor. His videos are entertaining and very enlightening. Some deal with playing technique, and some deal with mouthpieces, reeds, or instruments. Here’s one to get you started, but check out the whole collection here.

Nina Perlove’s flute videos

Ms. Perlove is an outstanding flutist with a clear, down-to-earth approach to teaching and playing. She has an astonishing following on YouTube, with over 4,000 subscribers at the moment. Here’s one on tone production, but be sure to check out all her flute teaching videos.

Terry Ewell’s bassoon videos

I was pleased to discover that the distinguished Dr. Ewell has a large number of videos on YouTube, as I really enjoyed a presentation he did at the 2008 IDRS conference. His YouTube videos can be a trifle dry and longwinded at times, but the information is excellent. Here is the whole bunch.


I haven’t found any good YouTube collections for saxophone or oboe yet. If you know of any good YouTube resources for any woodwind, please let me know in the comments.

Here’s a post from the Woodwind Forum that lists some good jazz saxophone interviews and masterclasses, and a sample from the list.

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