Don’t adjust your best reed

Photo, stonelucifer

I worked on reeds today (both single and double). My favorite reed tip: don’t adjust your best one. Adjust some others until one of them is the best, and then go back and work on the first one if you like.

Adjusting reeds can be a little risky, so gamble on a reed that you won’t miss too much if it doesn’t survive. And don’t put all your eggs in one basket, concentrating all your efforts trying to perfect one reed—try to bring several up to a playable level.

Keep those knives sharp!


  1. Doron Orenstein

    Never got too deep into reed shaving myself. I guess I’m too lazy, I just play 5 mins a day for a few days on each reed. and this often brings bad ones around. Or, I just toss the lousy ones away .

    Anyhow, makes a lotta sense what you’re saying here. Thanks!


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