At the 15-year mark: ask me anything

To my own amazement, this blog is rapidly approaching its 15-year anniversary later this month, May 24th. (Some of the content is dated at even older than 15 years, because I wrote it before starting the blog and retroactively turned it into blog posts.)

If you like, send me question(s) about whatever you want, about woodwind playing, doubling, blogging, teaching, or whatever. You can remain anonymous if you like. If it makes sense to do so based on the responses, I’ll answer them in one or more blog posts starting on about the 24th. If the response is low or the questions are not particularly of interest to my audience at large, I’ll answer as many as I can privately.

I did this at the 10-year mark as well, and got some good questions.

Thanks for reading!

1 thought on “At the 15-year mark: ask me anything”

  1. You seem obviously happy as an educator, given the amount and frequency of your blog posts (big fan, btw). Are you happy with the balance of teaching vs performing in your life? I’m more or less about 60/40. Any plans to tweak your ratio?


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