Posts for May 2010

May 26, 2010

Voicing, part II

I wrote earlier this month about voicing. The topic seems to keep coming up—I ran across one of Tom Ridenour’s fine videos about the subject, and clarinetist Adam Berkowitz wrote about it on his blog today. Adam uses whistling to explain voicing, which I had mentioned in my article and which I agree works very ...

May 23, 2010

Information overload: oboe F fingerings

First and second octave F on the oboe The oboe typically plays Fs in three octaves. The lower two have a variety of available fingerings, which can be a challenge for new oboists to navigate, particularly because the available fingerings change depending upon the make of the instrument. A typical “budget” student model instrument, for example, uses the following fingerings. (For all fingerings ...

May 12, 2010

What is voicing?

I’d like to address the term “voicing,” which I think is often misunderstood. Here’s my best definition: Voicing refers to the relative size of the oral cavity, which can change depending on the position of the back of the tongue. There are a number of other terms that are used to describe this same concept ...

May 4, 2010

Pedro Eustache: Suite Concertante for World Woodwinds and Orchestra

Ethnic woodwind guru and composer Pedro Eustache (“ayoo-STAH-chay”) has posted videos on YouTube of most of his recent work Suite Concertante for World Woodwinds and Orchestra, featuring himself as soloist playing a staggering 21 instruments over the course of 12 movements (45 minutes). The instruments are mostly ethnic flutes and reeds, though a few modern ...
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