College and university degree programs in woodwind doubling

University of the Arts

Ball State University

Boston Conservatory

College-Conservatory of Music (University of Cincinnati)

East Carolina University

  • MM woodwind specialist.

Eastman School of Music

University of Georgia

  • MM in multiple woodwinds.
  • DMA in multiple woodwinds.

Indiana University

James Madison University

University of Miami

Michigan State University

Montclair State University

University of Michigan

University of Missouri, Kansas City

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

University of Nevada, Las Vegas

  • MM in woodwind doubling.

New Jersey City University

University of New Mexico

University of North Carolina, Greensboro

University of North Texas

University of Northern Iowa

Ohio University

Oklahoma City University

  • MM in four woodwinds (can add a fifth instrument as an elective). (Thanks to Michael Westmoreland and Parthena Owens)

University of Oregon

University of South Carolina

University of Southern Mississippi

Vanderbilt University

  • BMA “integrated studies” includes “multiple winds” option, and BM concentration is available in multiple woodwinds. (Thanks to Christian Aliferis for bringing both programs to my attention, and Peter Kolkay, chair of Vanderbilt’s woodwinds department, for providing this clarifying information, which I have edited lightly for length: “The BM multiple woodwinds concentration is in conjunction with a main instrument/composition/etc. The BMA ‘Integrated Studies’ has a primary instrument [but not as a performance major, so less credit hours] as well as an additional area within music [such as conducting, musicology, or multiple woodwinds].  The difference is whether to do multiple woodwinds on top of a performance major in a single instrument [BM], or spread out over a broader range of musical areas [BMA].”)

West Virginia University

University of Wisconsin-Madison