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Intellectual property

All content within the bretpimentel.com domain is, except as noted otherwise, copyrighted original intellectual property of Bret Pimentel. You are welcome and encouraged to link to any page you like, and to quote or summarize reasonable portions thereof. You may not reproduce complete blog posts, articles, etc. in their entirety or in large chunks, online, in print, or in other media, in any language, without express permission. (Hint: I do not allow reproduction of my content “for exposure.”)

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Public comments on blog posts are encouraged. Real names are strongly preferred; real email addresses are required. Opposing viewpoints are welcomed, but please be nice. All comments are subject to editing, deletion, and other forms of moderation at my sole discretion.

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Some aspects of this website are monetized to help support the costs of running it. This may include, for example, advertising or affiliate links.

Product reviews

I sometimes do reviews on this site of products or services that I think might be of specific interest to my readers. Some of these are of products that I have purchased myself, and some are of products that are given or loaned to me for review purposes. In all cases, I do my best to be honest and unbiased, and I never promise positive reviews of products with which I am unfamiliar.

However, I do like to keep communication open with people or companies whose products I am reviewing, invite them to respond to concerns that I have, and include portions of those responses in the review. I think this makes reviews more accurate and balanced, and more interesting and valuable to the reader. Ultimately the final content of the review is at my sole discretion.

If you have a product that you think would be of interest and might benefit from a review on this site, please contact me about sending a review sample.