Music for woodwind doublers

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Composer Title Instrumentation Year Details
Bach, J. S.; arr. Mauro Bruno Brandenburg Concerto II: II Movement (Saxophone Quartet Doubling Other Woodwinds) Reed 1: Soprano saxophone, alto flute (or oboe), E flat clarinet
Reed 2: Alto saxophone, clarinet, bass clarinet, flute
Reed 3: Tenor saxophone, flute, clarinet
Reed 4: Baritone saxophone, bassoon, flute, bass flute, bass clarinet
1721c, arr. 1989. Available from Dorn Publications. Website includes .PDF file with a score sample.
Barrère, Georges In the Vegetable Garden Reed 1: Piccolo, flute, alto flute, piano
Reed 2: Oboe, oboe d’amore, English horn
Reed 3: E-flat clarinet, clarinet, alto saxophone
Bazelon, Irwin Churchill Downs Soloist playing piccolo,  flute, clarinet, and alto saxophone. Saxophone is played with microphone amplification.Accompanied by horn, three trumpets, trombone, bass trombone, electric guitar, electric bass/acoustic bass, electric organ, electric piano/harpsichord, and three percussionists (three timpani, xylophone, vibraphone, marimba, snare drum, tenor drum, bass tom-tom, bongos, timbales, four congas, dance drum set, claves, finger cymbals, maracas, suspended cymbal, tambourine, anvil (on steel), high wood block, large cowbell, Malay palm drum, and spurs). Requires conductor. 1971 About 20 minutes. Requires improvisation from soloist and rhythm section.Score available from Boosey and Hawkes.  Available on compact disc Irwin Bazelon (CRI/New World), with Harvey Estrin, soloist.
Bradshaw, Daniel seventy times seven Soloist playing flute, oboe, B-flat contrabass clarinet, bassoon, alto saxophone, baritone saxophone, and pennywhistle in D.Electronic accompaniment (MAX/MSP). 2005 Composed for Bret Pimentel. About 15 minutes. Performance requires some electronic equipment and an assistant to operate the MAX/MSP software. Contact the composer through his website. Sound clips here and here.
Brandon, Sy Divertissement Soloist playing piccolo, flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, and alto saxophone.Piano accompaniment. 2010 Composed for Bret Pimentel. Available from Co-op Press.
Ré, Teryn A Wandering Mind
Reed 1: Flute, tenor saxophone
Reed 2: Flute, alto saxophone
Reed 3: Clarinet, tenor saxophone
Reed 4: Bass clarinet, baritone saxophone
Composed for the Aréte Doubling Quartet (Tereasa Payne, Sal Lozano, Simon Hutchings, Mike Vance). YouTube video available. To purchase the piece, contact the composer through her website.
Crystal, Raphael High Wire: Chamber Ballet in Five Movements Soloist playing piccolo, E-flat clarinet, alto saxophone, and bass clarinet. Piano accompaniment. 2003 Master of Music creative project, Ball State University. Premiered by Benjamin Morgan, woodwinds, and the composer, piano, with dancers. About 15 minutes.Unpublished, except as a scholarly thesis at Ball State. Publication includes a detailed harmonic analysis and a concert-pitch score, plus a CD recording.
Davies, Victor Excursions: Visits to Manitoba Statues Soloist playing piccolo, flute, alto flute, and baritone saxophone. Piano accompaniment. 2002 Commissioned by Duo A La Carte (Julie Husband and Heidi Peters). 22 minutes. From the composer’s website:”Musical encounters with well known Manitoba statues (real and imaginary!) associated with towns:
The Happy Rock Of Gladstone; The Garter Snake Of Inwood; Sarah The Glenboro Camel; The Mosquito Of Komarno; The Creature In The Lagoon At Grand Beach; The Lundar Goose Flies Over The Blarney Stone Of Killarney….Difficulty: university, professional.”Available from composer’s website.
DiPasquale, James Woodwind Portrait Soloist playing flute, clarinet, and alto saxophoneBand accompaniment. Composed for Gary Foster.
Filas, Thomas J. Concerto for Doubles Soloist playing alto saxophone, bass clarinet, and clarinet.Band accompaniment.  1947 Commissioned by Paul Whiteman. Premiered by Al Gallodoro. About 15 minutes. Sheet music originally published by Willis; now out of print. No known recordings. California State University – East Bay has a copy of the score in their library.
Fischer, Clare Rhapsody Nova Soloist playing flute, clarinet, and alto saxophone.Band accompaniment. 1976 Composed for Gary Foster. Sheet music and non-commercial recordings available only from the composer. No known commercial recordings.
Hermann, Ralph Concerto for Doubles Soloist playing alto saxophone, bass clarinet, and clarinet.Orchestral accompaniment. About 15 minutes. From the CD liner notes: “During Al’s tenure with the Whiteman orchestra, Paul Whiteman commissioned the now legendary ‘Concerto for Doubles’ composed by Ralph Herman. Written specifically for Al Gallodoro, the work showcases Al’s abilities on three different instruments. The work consists of 3 movements; the first movement (in sonata-allegro form) features the Alto Saxophone, the second movement (a lush ballad) is for Bass Clarinet, and the third movement (a waltz) is scored for the B-flat Clarinet. Hence, from the performance of this piece Al acquired the moniker by which he has since been known: ‘The Triple Threat’. Recorded live at Carnegie Hall in 1948, the whole session for the Concerto for Doubles was done with a fifty piece orchestra, beginning at Midnight. Al’s brother Frank Gallodoro played clarinet and saxophone in the orchestra. You can hear Frank on Clarinet in the second movement of the piece.”No known published sheet music. Recording available on The Many Sides of Alfred Gallodoro, Vol. 1 on Golden Rooster records. Available from CD Baby or Sound clips at either website.
Hoffer, Bernard Three Diversions for Doubling Saxophone Quartet Reed 1: Soprano saxophone, flute, alto flute, bass flute
Reed 2: Alto saxophone, flute, alto flute, clarinet
Reed 3: Tenor saxophone, flute, alto flute, clarinet, bass clarinet
Reed 4: Baritone saxophone, flute, alto flute, clarinet, bassoon

Johnson, Lee Colors of a Soul, The (Symphony No. 2) “Orchestra, Jazz/Rock Band, Piano, Winds Soloist” Composer’s website indicates a recording by “Cyberlin Philharmonia.”
Johnson, Lee Ora Pro Mi: Concerto for Winds Soloist Soloist playing flute, clarinet, and soprano saxophone.Orchestral accompaniment. Composed for Sam Skelton?Recorded on Lee Johnson: The Symphonic Series III, available from Jammates Records. Lee Johnson conducting the London Symphony, with Sam Skelton, soloist.
Johnson, Lee Seaside Symphony (Symphony No. 4) “Orchestra, Piano, World Ensemble.” Woodwind soloist playing clarinet and soprano saxophone? Recorded on Lee Johnson: The Symphonic Series III, available from Jammates Records. Lee Johnson conducting the London Symphony, with Sam Skelton, soloist. Sound clips available on Jammates website.
Kibbe, Michael Concerto Tri-Chroma Soloist playing flute, alto saxophone, and clarinet.Band accompaniment. 1974 Composed for Howard Klug, on request by Cameron University.
Sheet music available from the composer. No known recordings.
Kaplan, Gene Duos for Doublers: Duets for the Saxophonist ‘Doubling’ on Clarinet and Flute Reed 1: Flute, clarinet, alto saxophone.

Reed 2: Flute, clarinet, tenor saxophone.

(Instruments are used in various combinations, not all instruments used on each duet.)

2014 Twelve duets. Available from the composer’s website.
Lechusza, Alan Music for Woodwinds and Voice “for multiple woodwinds and soprano voice” According to the composer’s previous website (which no longer exists), “The compositions listed here are available for purchase unless otherwise specified.”
McMullin, Brendan Doublers’ Madness Suite Reed 1: Soprano saxophone, clarinet, bass clarinet, bassoon
Reed 2: Alto saxophone, piccolo, flute, alto flute, clarinet
Reed 3: Tenor saxophone, flute, oboe, English horn, E-flat clarinet
Reed 4: Alto saxophone, baritone saxophone, flute, clarinet, bass clarinet
2001 Composed for Terry Halvorson’s woodwind doublers quartet. Written by composition student at Cal State Northridge. From the composer’s website [link now broken]: “Throughout the piece different combinations of instruments and textures are explored: some sections contain like instruments, some contain diverse instruments, some focus on high pitched instruments, some focus on low pitched instruments, and some contain combinations of all of these.  The piece is made up of four sections: Chorale, Scherzo, Breakdown, and Finale.  For the most part the sections are connected together without a break.”Recording is available here.
Miller, Cynthia Two Doubles
Saunders, Paul So You Want to Play in Shows…? Melodic etudes for woodwind soloist playing flute, clarinet, and alto saxophone. Piano accompaniment; backing tracks available for free download.  2016 Seven etudes. Available from Spartan Press. Review
Smith, Claude T. Suite for Solo Flute, Clarinet, and Alto Saxophone Soloist playing flute, clarinet, and alto saxophone. Band accompaniment. 1987 Composed for Gary Foster. Premiered by Gary Foster with the University of Missouri, Kansas City band conducted by Gary Hill.About 12 minutes. Light, breezy piece with undertones of jazz. Three contiguous movements. Virtuoso solo piece; band parts are only moderately difficult.Sheet music and non-commercial recordings available only from Claude T. Smith Publications. No known commercial recordings. Sound clip available online here.
Vadala, Chris Improve Your Doubling: Advanced Studies for Doublers (Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute) Saxophone (E-flat and/or B-flat), flute, clarinet 1991 Fairly difficult etudes with switching between saxophone, flute, and clarinet. “Performance suggestions” include help with alternate fingerings, etc. Some are designed for developing on-the-job skills like sight transposition and improvising harmony parts.Available from Dorn Publications. Website includes .PDF file of introductory matter and a sample etude.
White, Terry Concerto for Doubles Soloist playing flute, clarinet, and alto saxophone.Band accompaniment.  1983c Composed for Robert Carabia. Premiered by the Casco Bay Concert Band. Unpublished; no known recordings.
Wilson, Jeffery J. Four Ebony: for Clarinet Quartet (doubling Saxes) Reed 1: Clarinet, soprano saxophone
Reed 2: Clarinet, alto saxophone
Reed 3: Clarinet, E flat clarinet, tenor saxophone
Reed 4: Clarinet, bass clarinet
1993 About 16 minutes.Available from Camden Music (UK). No known recordings.