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December 22, 2010

December links digest

I try not to just dump lists of links very often, but here are a few fun items that didn’t warrant their own full posts: Flutists in the news: NASA astronaut Cady Coleman makes music in outer space. Artist Matthias Adolfsson proposes some new members of the woodwind family. Musicians can save the world, over ...

May 29, 2008

Public domain woodwind clip art

Artist Karen Hatzigeorgiou has posted some charming public domain images of woodwind instruments at her website, like this lovely clarinet. The others are in a similar pen-and-ink (or is it some kind of etching?) style.

October 1, 2007

Woodwinds in Art

Here are some paintings and drawings by significant artists that feature woodwind instruments. Click the images to buy posters from! Know of another work that should be included here? Email me.
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