Posts for March 2012

March 27, 2012

Things you don’t need to cover in woodwind methods class

Photo, KSMF Webmaster I’ve taught college-level woodwind methods courses for a few years now. This is a course primarily for instrumental music majors, who will go on to become school band or orchestra directors, and who need a crash course in the playing and pedagogy of each instrument that will be in their future ensembles. ...

March 18, 2012

Rediscovering the clarinet’s left-hand sliver key

I think for many doublers the clarinet’s left-hand “sliver” key seems useless or problematic. For example, the sliver key is easy to press by mistake when intending to cover the middle and/or ring finger holes. And even when reaching for the sliver on purpose, it’s easy to accidentally cover part of the ring finger hole, ...

March 6, 2012

Full-range scales and arpeggios

My students at the university are subject to a department-wide requirement to pass a scale exam, in which they must demonstrate mastery of major and minor scales. The format of the scales, however, is left up to the individual studio professors. Most of the studios require scales to be played in octaves, but I prefer ...

March 2, 2012

Flute Pro Shop interview with Tereasa Payne and Simon Hutchings

There’s a nice interview by Joan Sparks at the Flute Pro Shop blog, with two woodwind doublers who happen to be married to each other, Tereasa Payne and Simon Hutchings. They discuss doubling, careers, and married life. I can’t imagine being in a marriage with anyone other than a musician. Everyone makes sacrifices for what ...
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