Posts for June 2011

June 29, 2011

Follow the woodwind doublers list on Twitter

For a while now I’ve maintained lists of woodwind doublers’ websites and blogs, but, as it turns out, a number of fine woodwind doublers also have entertaining and/or informative Twitter feeds. Starting today, you can check them out on this site, or head on over to Twitter to “follow.” If you’re a woodwind doubler (of ...

June 21, 2011

Report: Clarinet Academy of the South 2011

I’m back from the Clarinet Academy of the South, a weeklong series of masterclasses by Robert DiLutis and D. Ray McClellan. The “Academy,” in its inaugural year, was held at the lovely campus of my recent alma mater, the University of Georgia. Dr. McClellan is the clarinet professor at UGA, and a former member of the ...

June 16, 2011

Classical musicians and jazz music

Photo, Andrei Z I try to be both a classical musician and a jazz musician. This dual pursuit is sometimes detrimental to both sides, but often beneficial, and I enjoy it. I’ve put in serious study, listening, and practice hours with both kinds of music. Jazz has influenced classical composers enough that classical musicians can’t ...

June 9, 2011

Why tune to the oboe?

Photo, nobleviola Why do orchestras tune to the oboe? Well, because it’s tradition, I suppose. But, realistically, in a professional group the pitch standard is likely determined in advance, and the oboist will use an electronic tuner to be sure they are giving precisely the correct pitch, so it could just as well be anyone. ...
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