Posts for June 2008

June 26, 2008

New Grove on flute materials

The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians is widely used by college music students and is regarded by most (for better or for worse) as the unimpeachable source of all musical knowledge. In my studies for upcoming doctoral comprehensive exams, I ran across this in the “Flute” article: Materials used for the tube and ...

June 25, 2008

University/conservatory degree programs in woodwind doubling

I’ve updated my list of schools with woodwind doubling programs. The current count as of this writing is 5 schools with some kind of bachelor’s degree program, 15 with a master’s program, and 5 with a doctoral program.

June 21, 2008

How many instruments do you play?

“So, how many instruments do you play?” I get this a lot. The way I prefer to answer is this: I play all of the major modern woodwind instruments, plus some folk and ethnic woodwinds. That answer usually doesn’t cut it.

June 20, 2008

Playing in tune

I’ve been working on improving my pitch this summer. Why is it so difficult to play a woodwind instrument in tune? I believe there are three reasons: The instruments are, of necessity, built in a hopelessly compromised manner. A flute or bassoon or whatever that plays perfectly “in tune” doesn’t exist. (“In tune” is in ...

June 14, 2008

Review: The Many Sides of Al Gallodoro

I recently picked up a copy of The Many Sides of Alfred Gallodoro, Vol. I from (As of this writing, they don’t have any copies left, so you’ll either have to get yours from his own website or from CD Baby. There are sound clips at both sites.) Mr. Gallodoro is a living legend ...

June 10, 2008

Need a panflute? Woodwind doubling gear woes

A handy “panflute flowchart” from

June 9, 2008

University woodwinds job postings, 6/6/08

Another national search for a full-time professor of multiple woodwinds has been announced. This makes the third one in a week’s time!

June 3, 2008

How well do you know your major scales?

Can you play them… …in all twelve keys, smoothly and evenly, the full range of your instrument(s)? …with a beautiful sound on each and every note, and each note right in tune? …with poised, elegant phrasing?
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